Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Crisis how should it be handled?

Attended the Emergency Point Pleasant Beach Council meeting. The council will not disclose at this time the locations of the cat colonies.
They also have adopted a plan which appears at this point to place all decision making responsibilities on Muskrat Jack with no oversight other than the Borough administrator.
The program announced tonight to be put into ordinance next Tuesday night would provide for the trapping and containment of all feral cats to be housed in climate controlled trailers located at the railroad station parking lot toward public works with oversight and control given to Muskrat Jack and may take up to six months.
A request that some oversight by a review committee comprised of objective individuals disassociated from the TNR program and who have no ill feeling towards animals be put in place to support Muskrat Jack in his decision making process as he will undoubtedly face incredible pressure from the members of the Animal Committee who have control over their own existing colonies of cats and other animal activists who will certainly be comming.

One woman from the committee made it perfectly clear to council without objection of council that "no one will touch her feral cat colony".

We at least have the beginning of a program however all feral cats need to be contained for the requisite time period to insure that no rabies infections have occurred.