Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Taxing District all Rental Poperties included

Based upon the following excerpts from REPORT OF THE TRANSITION SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE, view report   it would appear that pursuing having the Jersey Shore declared a special taxing district and reducing the tax collected may be appropriate as the following language in the report appears to be focused on rentals of less than 90 days in homes apartment and other facilities, since most if not all hotels are collecting and paying the tax.   The proposed Bill to reduce the tax can be read by going to the following link:

transition New Jersey office of governor elect
From Page 4 II. Key Recommendations:
Follow/Enforce the Law – In several instances dedicated funds have been raided. Business owners,who should be paying the Hotel Motel Occupancy Fee, as well as other state taxes, are not. This denies both the Department and New Jersey of badly needed revenues. Enforcing the intent of the Hotel Motel Occupancy Fee would increase revenue to the state and could provide the revenue needed to address the legal requirements regarding the funding levels of the Council on the Arts, the New Jersey Historical Commission, the Division of Travel and Tourism, and the New Jersey Cultural Trust

Recommendations FROM PAGE 15

• Hotel/Motel Occupancy Fee Application: As noted above, the dedicated fund needs to be funded as provided in the statute. We should examine whether the fee is being fairly applied and collected

Post comment, the highlighted section in blue would appear to be confirming that other properties who rent into the lodging market are at issue here.